Skilled Nursing Care

At APHPS, our Skilled Nursing Services are delivered by compassionate and dedicated Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses. They conduct comprehensive patient assessments to create effective Plans of Care, ensuring our patients receive the highest level of professional and personalized attention. Our treatments encompass various services, including:
• Wound care/dressing changes
• Catheter care
• Diabetes
• Teaching and Administration of Medications
• Instructing the family/caregiver how to care for the patient in the home safely and effectively
• Alzheimer’s / Dementia/, Parkinson’s
• Post operation (including out-patient surgeries)
• Custodial Care
• Case Management
• Orthopedics
• End of Life/ Hospice
• Oncology
• Geriatrics (Senior care)
• IV Therapy & Care
• Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification
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